(Rep) Sports Memories

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(Rep) Sports Memories

Post #1 by chicpea » Sat Oct 16, 2021 10:19 am

I had originally intended this post to be solely about Rep minor (kids) sports because I think that level of competition gets a little bonkers from time-to-time. However, I've played House League too and I know things can get very competitive there. Heck, even beer or summer kids' leagues get violent on occasion, for sure.

But there are a couple of reasons I originally intended to make this about Rep Sports.

The first is that my two nephews just this past week had their very first tryouts for Rep Baseball. They are very young. Like 7 maybe? They are twins, but couldn't be more different than night and a planet with no nights for eternity. In simple terms. one if very much like me in character and the other is very much like Crag. Both lovely kids who never fight (amazingly) but with extremely different interests. But they both love baseball and the Jays.

The second reason is that I and my older brothers and younger sister mainly played rep sports (hockey, soccer, figure skating, football - and YBC bowling if you can believe that! Both my brothers were provincial champs and one eveb went to nationals for bowling in his stupid sellow shirt hahaha).

The first (my nephs), though, is what made me think of this topic again. You see, my sister was in a real pickle about rep sports. Both her kids are quite athletic and good at baseball. They really wanted to be on the team. Her partner (not married but not husband of 15 years) had avoided rep sports all his life and had a distaste for it - even though he loves sports and knows a shit tonne about it and being fairly connected to the Leafs and Habs for a lot of his life.

Her pickle was such: Her boys are twins. They are best friends. They do everything together and probably (in their little brains) expect to until they die. She decided to let them try out for the team, but was worried about a few different outcomes.

One: What if one of the boys made the team and the other didn't? That would be awful. Both for the boys, but also for the family.

Two: What if they both got cut because the coaches are parents too and thought about Worry #1 (above) even though one of the twins is clearly better than the other (he is) and deserved to make the team? The kids (at ;east one of them) would always know he got cut because his brother wasn't good enough. That's fine for you and me to handle, but it's a lot to process for a little kid. They might feel resentful. I don't know.

Three: What if they both made the team but one of them clearly did not deserve to and only did because of the the other's abilities? That would also be very unhealthy.

I do not envy parents these pickles. And it's one of the reasons I decided against kids. Not this specifically of course, but having to deal with kids who are in pain, whether emotional or physical. I am good at it I think, but it terrifies me.

In the end, both boys made the team and they are thrilled. My sis's partner acts apathetic and disinterested but I know him and I know he is proud of them but also using his distaste for rep sports as a means to make my sis do all the heavy lifting (e.g.: driving, scheduling, dealing with parents etc.).

I put this here for a few reasons. One is that I am curious what your opinion's are on rep sports for kids. I know none of you have twins and not the specific problem. But a tonne of you have little ones who I know are into sports. Please let me know what you would do in my sis's situation. I'm not sure. I think if I were the parent, I would let them both try out but warn them beforehand of the dangers of this, i.e.: there is a big risk of joy and/or pain and strife here, fellas. Are you sure you want to do this?

The other is that I have a lot of my own very striking memories from my many years in sports. I am sure you do as well. I cannot wait to hear them.

I will post some of mine soon but I need to go back to bed. It's almost 7:30 am and people will be annoying me soon.

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